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This is an archive of the site created by Fred Holder

Blacksmith's Gazette was started in July 1980 as a tabloid newspaper to provide information on blacksmithing to beginning and intermediate blacksmiths.  In January 2005 it was changed to an electronic edition.  Blacksmith's Gazette was discontinued with the December 2006 issue. We  have CD-ROM's available for the years 1999 through 2006, which provide a portable document format (*.pdf) of each issue.

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The Gazette predated the popular Internet growing out of Fred Holder's buckskinning magazine Black Powder Times.   When Fred launched this site it was when a 640x480 monochrome monitor was considered "high resolution", Mosaic was the only browser and people were still using DOS and Windows 2.2!   It came before The Blacksmiths Junkyard and before!   There were few HTML editing tools and they were very expensive OR you could use an ASCII editor.   Fred was not much with computers but he knew he needed to be on the Internet.   Most of these pages were created using Notepad or a word processor by someone who cared more about the subject and the writing than the technicalities of the computer.   Fred is still that way.  

We have cleaned up Fred's HTML and edited some of the links.   These are the pages Fred produced almost before there was an Internet.   Enjoy them!