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BOOK REVIEW: The Hand Forged Knife

Reviewed by: Chuck Hamsa, Reviewers' Consortium, Lafayette, Louisiana

THE HAND FORGED KNIFE: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE WORKINGS OF MODERN TOOL STEELS, by Karl Schroen; Knife World Publications, Knoxville, TN (Order from Krause Publications, 700 East State Street, Iola, WI 54990 - 0001. [715] 445-2214); (also available through web book store or direct from teh artist at 4042 Bones road, Sebastopol, CA 95472, TEL: 707-823-4057. FAXL: 707-823-2914);1985; 136 pages Paperbound; ISBN Number 0-940362-08-2; price $12.95.

This wonderful book crops up again! In an article on metalworking titles for those involved in fabrication earlier last year, I had remarked that this was and continues to be one of the foundation titles for anyone interested in bladesmithing. In essence, it will provide the reader with a solid foundation of knowledge. Photographs showing all steps of the process are simply outstanding! And THE HAND FORGED KNIFE... presents the elements of criteria for the type of steels to use as well as the tempering and finishing process.

Karl Scbroen, a fourth generation blacksmith, related that he hoped that this book would provide others with the basic knowledge to try their hand and experiment in using modem tool steels with traditional blacksmithing techniques. He credits both his state metalworking association and ABANA for their encouragement and support in preparing this book. And Krause Publications had picked up this title in its current catalog. I was surprised to find so many "old trusted friends" in the company's most current catalog! The titles range from blades through hunting of all forms to the active collecting of Native American artifacts, coins and other collectibles. Write the publisher for its current catalog of publications for a rare glimpse of so many worthy titles available from one company.

Foot Note: Books ordered direct from the author (see address above) will be an autographed copy. The author also teaches two day workshops. Classes are on going. In two days one can complete their own hand made knife, says Karin Runge.

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